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Would you like a free evaluation of your business to see if you should consider going public? Do you need to do a NEW RULE 506(c) Private Placement? A 15c211 filing to Go Public? An SB1, Form 10, the NEW Reg A or other Filing? Do you want to do a Reverse Merger? Do you need a Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listing or IPO? Another foreign listing such as  Canada or Bermuda?  Do you need to restructure your company to prepare for an effective money raise? Do you need a Market Maker, an SEC attorney, an SEC accountant, or a broker dealer to handle your money raise?

Do you need FINANCING to GO PUBLIC, or to complete your acquisition or to do your REVERSE MERGER?  

Do you need an executive summary, a corporate website, a business plan, a Public Relations firm, or a Media Placement firm? Do you need a “name” celebrity to represent your product or brand or image?

Do you have a public company looking for an acquisition?

Whatever your needs, Artfield Investments is ONE STOP SHOPPING for ANY and ALL your public company needs. 

We have been helping clients with such services for over 10 years. And unlike many of our competitors we are senior consultants that will work with you and EDUCATE you all along the way. So if you are the kind of person who wants to know what you are doing and make your own decisions (rather than being pushed around by investment bankers telling you what to do in order to “get the money”) you will find us very “user friendly.”

In addition, in the past few years we have been working to expand our services in order to provide you, our client, a complete corporate services network for your “going public, ” “reverse merger,” or ” We are already public” needs.  We have long recognized that business owners in the “public” arena need to be constantly vigilant in recognizing what financial services would help them grow their business the most efficiently.

Looking to go public? Want to do mergers and acquisitions, raise capital? Give us a call at  818-242-0522 for a FREE CONSULTATION today.



Going public is a leverage tool-not just a way to raise money. Used as a leverage tool it is a way to:

  • Leverage a larger retention of ownership
  • Grow your company faster and make it more powerful by attracting top personnel without necessarily huge cash outlays
  • Grow your company faster and make it more powerful by attracting top notch team members to your board of directors.
  • Raise money faster and cheaper by increasing the “liquidity” factor for your investors.
  • Grow your company faster and make it more powerful by increasing your ability to attract “mergers”, “acquisitions” and “strategic partners.
  • Grow your company faster and make it more powerful by increasing its ability to compete for large corporate contracts.
  • Leverage your personal return on investment as an owner by decreasing the amount of time it will take you to make money on your investment, as well as increasing the valuation of your company, as well as, changing the liquidity of your asset to a much more liquid form than that of a private company.
  • Grow your business faster and make it more powerful by increasing your status in the eyes of all those you do business with.

Are you an existing Public Company? Want to increase your chances of success as a public company?

It’s not always about Raising Money. Money and success come as a result of having a well structured company, a realistic and achievable business plan, and the experienced personnel to execute it.

  •             Need restructuring?
  •             Need to increase sales?
  •             Need to increase efficiency?
  •             Need acquisition candidates?
  •             Need protection against “shorters”?
  •             Need to move up to a higher exchange?
  •             Need better support referrals?
  •             Need a realistic, achievable business plan?
  •             Need to attract and maintain better staff?
  •             Need a totally realistic marketing plan?
  •             Need a feasibility plan?
  •             Need to develop business with the Fortune 500 companies?
  •             Need Media Placement and Exposure?

We’ve expanded and increased the quality of our “public team” support referrals;

  •             15+ Market Makers
  •            200+ Investment Bankers  (From small- 1 million- to large -100 million- money raises)
  •            100+ Venture Capital firms
  •             20+ Investor Relation firms
  •               5+ Public Relation firms
  •               5+ Media Placement firms
  •             10+ accounting firms (several of these are excellent and relatively  inexpensive)
  •            We have 5 SEC attorneys on retainer and many more referrals.

We’ve made it easier to finance “going public” and our other consulting costs

  •             MC/VISA now accepted
  •             Signature bank loans up to $50,000-qualify in 24 hrs
  •             Larger Bank loans based on assets and cash flow for going concerns
  •             Venture Capitalists willing to finance going public for some companies

We’ve added “support team” referrals to increase your likelihood of success once you are public.  (These are not just names drawn out of a hat. These are people we have worked with or checked out and know can do a good job for your company)

  •             Business plan developers
  •             Marketing Consultants
  •             Head Hunters
  •             Management Consultants
  •             Merger and Acquisition specialists
  •             Fortune 500 business development specialists.
  •             Media Placement Firms